With offices in central and southern California and Oregon, Æ can quickly mobilize staff for projects throughout the western United States. While each location provides full-service capabilities, our company's structure promotes flexibility in the consolidation and reallocation of resources and personnel to provide the most qualified staff and the appropriate equipment for every undertaking. Æ’s resources also make it possible to open additional facilities, as needed, to meet project requirements.

Æ’s Corporate Headquarters in Fresno, California, serves clients in central and northern California and northern Nevada. The Fresno office also furnishes the company’s centralized administrative services and provides specialized graphics, document production, and editorial support.

Our Hemet, California, office is ideally situated for projects throughout southern California, Nevada, and Arizona. This office serves as the hub of Applied EarthWorks' Historical Program, which oversees projects that require services unique to the management of historical resources. It maintains on-site laboratory space for processing and analysis of recovered artifacts. Hemet also houses our GIS program.

Staff in Lompoc and San Luis Obispo offer key consulting services to clients throughout California's Central Coast. The Lompoc office also houses permanent laboratory facilities. Projects in the Pacific Northwest are run by staff in the Albany, Oregon office.  Office and laboratory facilities in Pasadena, California, serve as the base of operations for Æ’s paleontology program. 

Our facilities are designed to provide a wide range of cultural and paleontological resource management services. The company maintains a complete line of field equipment for survey, excavation, and photo documentation as well as an extensive resource library. Integrated computer hardware and software promotes accurate data analysis, high-quality graphics and document preparation, and effective interoffice communication. Laboratory facilities furnish space and equipment for technical analyses and are equipped to allow temporary curation of project materials. Long-standing associations with universities, museums, and Native American cultural centers permit arrangements for appropriate curation of archaeological and paleontological collections and data.