Our professional staff includes specialists in the history, prehistory, archaeology and paleontology of the various regions of California, the American Southwest, the Great Basin, and the Pacific Northwest. Applied EarthWorks employs individuals proficient in a wide range of related disciplines, including architectural history, and uses specialized consultants as necessary to address unique projects needs. This successful combination of in-house expertise and outside specialists allows Applied EarthWorks to customize services as required to fulfill each client's scope of work.

Senior personnel offer years of experience managing cultural resources in both the public and private sectors. Through continuing education, membership in associated professional organizations, and on-the-job experience, their understanding of the regulatory environment and compliance issues guides them in providing sound consultation during each phase of project development.

Our Services

  • Environmental Impact Consultation (CEQA/NEPA)
  • Archaeological Field Surveys
  • Testing and Evaluation for National and California Register Eligibility
  • Data-Recovery Excavation and Mitigation
  • Construction Monitoring and Emergency Archaeology
  • Laboratory Processing and Data Analysis
  • Coordination with State and Federal Regulatory Agencies
  • Historic Properties Treatment Planning
  • Native American Consultation and Coordination
  • Cultural Resources Overviews
  • Archival and Historical Research
  • Historic Building Survey / Architectural History and HABS/HAER Documentation
  • Ethnography and Ethnohistory
  • Collections Management
  • Interpretive and Educational Programs
  • Comprehensive Paleontological Resources Services
  • GIS Services

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Applied EarthWorks conducts archival research, field surveys, and other investigations to evaluate archaeological sites with respect to their eligibility for national, state, and local registers, and to avoid, minimize or mitigate project effects/impacts on prehistoric and historical resources.



Our paleontology program offers a full range of services including museum records searches and literature reviews, field surveys and assessments, construction monitoring, fossil collection and data recovery, laboratory preparation and technical analyses, museum curation, and technical reporting.

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Architectural History

Our team of historic preservation professionals has a successful track record of providing high-quality historic built-environment resource management services such as archival and historic research, oral history interviews, historic context development, among others, for a variety of project types.

our capabilities

The Applied EarthWorks team possesses a thorough understanding of federal and state regulatory requirements and compliance procedures. This knowledge guides development of the most effective and economical cultural resource management procedures for every stage of a project. Our staff also maintains excellent working relationships with state offices of historic preservation, various land-management agencies, and Native American organizations. These relationships enable Applied EarthWorks to offer comprehensive consultation that allows clients to make informed decisions about the treatment of cultural resources. Our ability to address the often diverse concerns of all involved parties has resulted in timely and successful completion of the following capabilities:

Market Sectors

  • Water Storage and Distribution Systems
  • Federal and State Land-use Studies
  • Energy Generation and Transmission Projects
  • Community Development and Infrastructure Expansion
  • Highway Improvements / Transportation Systems
  • Urban Redevelopment Projects
  • Communication Systems Placement and Upgrade
  • Mining and Resource Extraction Projects