Our professional staff includes specialists in the history, ethnography, prehistory, archaeology, and paleontology of California, the Pacific Northwest, Great Basin, American Southwest, and Rocky Mountains. Applied EarthWorks employs individuals proficient in a wide range of related disciplines, including archaeology, architectural history, and historic preservation, and uses specialized consultants as necessary to address unique project needs. This successful combination of in-house expertise and outside specialists allows Applied EarthWorks to customize services as required to respond fully to each client’s scope of work.


principal archaeologists

Mary Clark Baloian, Ph.D., RPA 15189 | President / Principal Archaeologist

Clayton G. Lebow, M.A., RPA 10585 | Vice President / Principal Archaeologist

Barry A. Price, M.A., RPA 15108 | Vice President / Principal Archaeologist

Amy L. Ollendorf, Ph.D., RPA 12588 | Managing Principal / Principal

Professional Staff


Diane L. Douglas, Ph.D., RPA 12554 | Senior Scientist / Project Manager

M. Colleen Hamilton, M.A., RPA 10535  | Senior Archaeologist / Program Manager / Project Manager

Eric Nocerino, Ph.D., RPA 28577311 | Senior Archaeologist/ Project Manager

Erin Enright Parsick, M.A., RPA 16575 | Senior Archaeologist / Project Manager / Faunal Analyst

Ann M. Munns, M.A., RPA 15484 | Senior Archaeologist / Laboratory Director

Diana Dyste, M.A., RPA 39362477 | Senior Archaeologist / Project Manager

Kholood M. Abdo, M.A., RPA 989497 | Associate Archaeologist / Laboratory Director

Erika S. Blecha, M.A., RPA 38952064 | Staff Archaeologist / GIS Specialist

Joan E. George, B.S. | Associate Archaeologist 

Jose "Benito" Guzman, M.A. | Staff Archaeologist

Leeann G. Haslouer, B.A. | Associate Archaeologist / Lithic Analyst

Cari M. Inoway, B.S. | Associate Archaeologist / Graphics Specialist

Kathleen M. Jernigan | Staff Archaeologist / Laboratory Supervisor

Jessica Jones, B.A. | Staff Archaeologist / GIS Technician

Jasmine Kidwell, M.A. | Staff Archaeologist

Heather Landazuri, B.A. | Staff Archaeologist / Laboratory Technician

Marc D. Linder, B.A. | Staff Archaeologist

Charles D. Locke, B.A. | Staff Archaeologist / Lead Laboratory Technician 

Dennis P. McDougall | Senior Archaeologist

Andrew Miller, M.A. | Associate Archaeologist

Patrick F. Moloney, B.A. | Staff Archaeologist

Michelle L. Newcomb, B.A. | Staff Archaeologist / Laboratory Supervisor

Robert Newcomb | Staff Archaeologist / Laboratory Technician

Karin Olmedo, M.A., RPA 17221 | Staff Archaeologist

Karen L. Osland, B.A. | Staff Archaeologist

Vincent Parsick | Staff Archaeologist

Simone M. Schinsing, M.A., RPA 28577763 | Associate Archaeologist

Josh Tibbet, B.A. | Staff Archaeologist

Ryan E. Wendel, M.A., RPA 33780239 | Associate Historical Archaeologist / Faunal Analyst

Arianna Zalud, B.A. | Staff Archaeologist / Laboratory Technician


M. Colleen Hamilton, M.A., RPA 10535 | Historical Program Manager

Ryan E. Wendel, M.A., RPA 33780239 | Associate Historical Archaeologist / Faunal Analyst

Annie McCausland, M.A. | Associate Architectural Historian


Amy L. Ollendorf, Ph.D., RPA 12588 | Paleontology Program Manager

Diane L. Douglas, Ph.D., RPA 12554 | Senior Paleontologist / Project Manager

Chris Shi, M.S. | Associate Paleontologist

Jorge Mendieta, B.S. | Staff Paleontologist

Erik Pino, B.S. | Staff Paleontologist

Scott Rohlf, B.S. | Staff Paleontologist

Chris Shea, M.S. | Staff Paleontologist

Science and compliance

Stephen Fosberg, M.A. | Senior Scientist

Richard C. Hanes, Ph.D., RPA 28576538 | Senior Compliance Specialist


Cari M. Inoway, B.A. | Graphics Specialist / Associate Archaeologist

Jessica Jones, B.A. | GIS Technician / Staff Archaeologist


Suzie Bircheff | Production Specialist / Office Manager

Susan Rapp, B.S. | Production Manager

Jennifer VanderSmith | Production Specialist / Administrative Assistant